Train Traveler

You were never close enough,
Even when we kissed so hard our teeth touched

All of a sudden ‘alone’ is synonymous with lonely
and it fucking sucks because
I used to be enough for me

When you are broken I promise to love you hard and whole.

It’s been a month since we’ve spoken
but you still keep me up at night—
because you know what’s worse than your snoring?
And staying up all night, sad
And seeking comfort in strangers

See I don’t even know what I miss anymore
but you’re always on my mind
it says your name over and over.
You were right when you said you’d never leave
you’re gone but you’re still here
Stop fucking haunting me

You’re sound asleep so

I take the liberty of

arranging us perfectly:

Right arm under your body.

Left arm across your belly.

Hands clasped, head pressed

flat against your chest.

It’s my favorite position to be,

I only move when you breathe.


I’ve always hated cigarettes. But I bought my first pack a few weeks ago because I missed the smell. I only have a 2 left.

The smoke burns my eyes, i still hate the taste. I smoked 10 today. I feel sick.

I miss you so much

I still carry you with me.
Six Word Story #2
I like girls. Girls like boys.
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Who I am comes in waves.
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I look for you in everyone.
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